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Lingerie trends of 2018

Lingerie trends change from one season to anther just like other fashion trends change. As women follow the fashion of the outwear for every season most of them also follow fashion for inner-wear. Lingerie designer are giving more effort these days as women are giving more attention to what they wear in their bedrooms and underneath their outfits.  If you are one of those who care about clothes, bags and shoes fashion and trends you should start giving attention to lingerie fashion, and here are lingerie fashion trends for 2017:

1-   Bodysuits

Bodysuit is a major trend for this year with its various designs and the fabrics that is made of, but as usually lace is always is the biggest trend for every season. Believe it or not bodysuit is not just a lingerie trend it also broke its way to the fashion of outwear. Many of well-known celebrities wore bodysuits with a loose top and jeans

Mona Teddy
Body Suite

2-   Lingerie with accessories

Accessories are no longer limited to outwear only. It moved to lingerie to add more elegancy and beauty to it.


3-   Floral lingerie

Floral print is a trend this season for both outwear and lingerie, it adds a nice feminine touch.

Floral Kaftan

4-   High waist panties

High waist panties are underwear that offer a full coverage to and give the retro look. They are now a major lingerie trend  specially with the elegant modern designs.

ELSE Lingerie

5-   The Bralette

Bralettes are one of the most beautiful lingerie trends for this year.  It is a wireless dainty bra. It comes with a nice feminine designs usually with lace details and straps. Although it is a very nice bra yet it doesn’t offer the usual support of the normal bra.

Fortuna Bralette
Unsupported Bra
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