Interview with the Founders of CLO INTIMO

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Interview with the Founders of CLO INTIMO

What is unique about Clo Intimo?

Claudia: I would say our attention to fit, combined with our contemporary style and definitely the colors.


How did you and your husband Richard meet, and what sparked the idea to start Clo Intimo together?

Claudia: We met at a mutual friends’ birthday party. After we were together for a year and he saw me designing great pieces for another line, he challenged me to create a line for an upcoming trade show and it was a success!

What’s the inspiration behind the brand’s name?

Claudia: It’s a play on my name, CLaudia Ochoa. It’s something we do in Colombia a lot. We take the first 1 or 2 letters from our first and last names. Like, say a Maria Fernandez might be Mafe, etc.









Where do you take design inspiration from?

Claudia: I pretty much create things that I like to wear, and I look to nature for colors and combinations of colors, primarily getting ideas from the amazing nature of Colombia.

Do you have a favorite standout piece from the latest collection?

Claudia: the Fortuna underwire bra and thong are my go to pieces. I also go for the front close bralet.

What makes a good lingerie designer in your opinion?

Claudia: it’s important to bring something new to the table and not just rehash stuff that’s already in the marketplace. You also need to have a thorough, educated knowledge of design and fit. Lingerie has to fit perfectly, there is no room for error.

What’s your favorite lingerie brand (other than Clo Intimo)?

Richard: there’s lots that fill certain categories, but I love Eres for its simplicity, perfection and modern style; and for sexy edginess, La Fille Do is fabulous.

What’s your favorite trend this season (lingerie or otherwise)?

Claudia: I don’t really follow the industry trends so much, but I’m happy to see that soft bras are continuing to grow and be popular with younger girls.

What’re your hobbies and other interests?

Claudia: the design process fills a lot of those needs in a person. My down time includes simple things, like hanging with friends over dinner, drinks, dancing, also museums and rummaging through vintage stores.

What’s your favorite:

City in the world: New York

Fragrance: I don’t have one, I never use it.

Bag: My friend‘s brand, Paolo Angelucci 

Food: My husband’s cooking, Italian, and sushi

Pair of shoes:I go between sneakers and heels without any brand preference. If I see something I like I get it!

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