Choose Lingerie that Fits you body

finding the perfect piece of lingerie for that suits you body perfectly is not really an easy mission. Nowadays there a lot of styles and designs for lingerie that seems to be very nice, but be careful what looks nice on the model shouldn't always look nice when you wear it too. This is because women body shapes are not the same; there hourglass, round, rectangle and triangle shapes. Styles that look perfect on one shape, they don't look [...]


lingerie trends of 2018

Lingerie trends change from one season to anther just like other fashion trends change. As women follow the fashion of the outwear for every season most of them also follow fashion for innerwear. Lingerie designer are giving more effort these days as women are giving more attention to what they wear in their bedrooms and underneath their outfits.  If you are one of those who care about clothes, bags and shoes fashion and trends you should start giving attention [...]


Sport Bras just a trend or a necessity?

A lot of us tend to add a sport time in daily or weekly schedule, as we always look for all the ways that shall make us look better. Definitely exercising is the best way to do that but do we exercise correctly? Well let me tell you that one of the common faults that most women make and leads to unpleasant results in exercising is the unsuitable clothes particularly  Bras. Yes madam we said it before and we say [...]


Nursing Bra: The Art to Looking & Feeling Good While Nursing Baby

To nurse or not to nurse, that is the question many mothers ask themselves—and get asked a lot, too. While sometimes its hard to do, feel free to ignore all the well meaning advice and follow your maternal instinct for whatever is best for you, for baby, and your family, as you see fit. For those who do decide “breast is best,” we set out to make the process a little bit easier and prettier with specially designed nursing bras. [...]


how long should a good bra last؟

Question: I find that I keep and wear the same bras for years at a time — how long should a good bra lastAnswer: A good bra could last years depending on how often you wear it and how well you take care of it. So for the most part, it all depends on how many bras you have in rotation. We always suggest to women to have 4 – 5 everyday bras. Also, most women are over washing [...]


Interview with the Founders of CLO INTIMO

What is unique about Clo Intimo? Claudia: I would say our attention to fit, combined with our contemporary style and definitely the colors.   How did you and your husband Richard meet, and what sparked the idea to start Clo Intimo together? Claudia: We met at a mutual friends’ birthday party. After we were together for a year and he saw me designing great pieces for another line, he challenged me to create a line for an upcoming trade show and it was [...]


What you should look for in a wireless bra

It’s not an exaggeration to say that an amazing strapless bra is life-changing! When you find a great fitting strapless bra, your wardrobe suddenly has many more options than before. The search is difficult, but whether you’re an A cup or a G cup, there is a perfect strapless bra for you. Here’s our tips to make the search easier:                  First, the band of your new strapless bra should be very tight when you buy it. The band stretches over [...]

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