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Our goal at Kenz is to help all women find bras and lingerie in suitable sizes and styles. At Kenz, we aim to help all women boost their confidence and sense of beauty regardless of body shape or size.

At Kenz we feel that when a woman finds the perfect bra or underwear it’s like finding hidden treasure! Kenz makes discovering that treasure easier and more exciting. We believe lingerie is the most personal, intimate type of clothing, and what you wear has an effect on how you feel throughout the day. It’s the first piece of clothing a woman puts on, and the last thing she takes off at the end of her day. At Kenz we want women to feel comfortable and we want to make the experience of buying great fitting lingerie as effortless as possible.

Kenz was founded by two best friends, one woman from the Middle East and one woman from Italy, who bonded over a shared frustration of never being able to find comfortable and stylish lingerie in the region. Kenz is filling a gap in the market with excellent products, expertise, and a wide selection of sizes.  

Treasure your lingerie, and more importantly, treasure yourself!

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